NCE Rx Card Benefits

NCE is proud to provide you with the NCE Prescription Drug Savings Program

The NCE Rx Discount Pharmacy Card:

  • Access to thousands of Brand Drugs, Generic Drugs and Over-the-Counter Medications

  • No upfront costs, No Annual Maximums, No Exclusions, No Pre-Existing Conditions

  • 31-Day Supplies on most prescriptions

  • Ability to purchase a 90-day supply of maintenance medications at retail locations

  • These benefits are discounts and not insurance


The NCE Rx Card Pharmacy Network:


The NCE uses a nationwide network with over 44,000 national chain stores (i.e. Wal-Mart™, Kmart™, Target™, Duane Reade™, CVS™, etc.) and independent pharmaciesTo view an extensive listing of prescription drugs covered under your prescription discount drug card, your cost for these drugs, local providers who will provide these discounts for the covered drugs, click here.

Mail Order:


Save even more with our mail order pharmacy services on both Generic and Brand Name drugs.

  • Generic: Up to 30%-80% Savings.

  • Brand Name: Up to 30%-80% Savings.


Access to Web Program and Tools:

  • Pharmacy Locator to help you quickly locate participating pharmacies in your area

  • Medication Pricing Tools and Generic Alternative Tools

  • Access to Frequently Asked Questions

  • The ability to Download Additional Membership Cards


Clinical Team: Members can speak directly with trained clinical professionals who can help identify effective and less costly prescription alternatives and work with your physicians and pharmacists to select these alternatives.

*Disclosures: These benefits are discounts and not insurance.


The NCE Rx Card Prescription Drug Savings Program is NOT insurance. It entitles you to a discount on prescription medications at time of purchase at a participating pharmacy. You will still be responsible for paying the discounted cost for your prescription. The amount of the discount may also vary by participating pharmacy.

These programs are NOT insurance, and the programs do not make payments directly to the providers of the services. This program is not a supplement for insurance. This program does not meet the minimum essential requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act.
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